7 Best Apps That Satisfy Your Shopping Spree

Are you someone who loves to shop online? If so, you will want to know the best mobile shopping apps that can fetch you great deals, shopping rewards, and an enviable collection of products. Many of these shopping apps can offer you online discount codes or coupons when you are checking out. Some may even transfer discounts to your loyalty card that you may use when paying for the item. Here are the top shopping apps that can offer you the retail therapy you need. Besides, you can also try out the news spy krypto app, which is the most trending one in the market.

  1. Flipp comes with multiple features for shoppers; you can browse through ads and load the promotional coupons onto your loyalty cards directly. You get to create a shopping list and upload invoices to get rebate money. Browsing for deals is rather easy with this app, whether you are searching for cosmetics, groceries, or organic health products. Alternatively, you can select a store to view all the deals it offers.
  2. ShopSavvy helps you compare prices across multiple online stores to get the best deals. You may search for what you want either manually or by scanning a barcode prior to making a purchase. When you open this app and search for an item you will get to view the cheapest prices both in physical and online stores; so, you can choose the retailer you want. You will be directed to the page where the product is and you can view both new and used items here.
  3. Ibotta will scan your bills to give you money back on what you have bought. While you will not find money-back offers for every product, the app is a good to have when you are looking for the best deals. You can open it to look for a store to view prices; you can view the store’s deals and add these to “My Offers”. When you get the bill back, you can scan it using “Redeem” button and Ibotta will verify it.
  4. Slickdeals is one of the leading shopping apps primarily for its alerts. You can set these up to be notified when there are some deals that you have been searching for. You may browse stores using the app to get deals; while there are Front Page, Featured and Popular sections on the home screen, there are also specific categories for children, books and magazines, flowers and gifts, etc. The app also provides online coupons for many stores.
  5. RetailMeNot will provide you with deals and coupons, and works for both offline and online stores. You can get a digital coupon for scanning in a store or a coupon for using online. Besides, the app has cash-back offers which buyers can benefit from. So, you can earn while you shop.
  6. Dosh lets you earn money regardless of discounts and sales; so, every time you use your credit or debit card you can get cash in return. This works for physical stores and even online whenever you use the app for accessing sites displaying cash-back offers. Dosh also allows you to look for hotels offering cash payouts.
  7. Amazon provides for easy comparison shopping and displays useful reviews from its verified buyers. This online retailer provides one of the widest varieties of products to choose from, usually at much cheaper rates than others. You can use its product search tool to scan an object and search for it in the site. When you browse an item the app also shows you related items.